Our goal is to offer to our couples, families and friends wonderful photos and experiences from the magical coast of the Algarve in the National park of Costa Vicentina. We work with passion, local knowledge, dedication and admiration for the distinctive coast and nature of the Algarve. We propose three different adventures, the fun and romantic Beach & Water Adventue, the active Extreme Adventure and the scenic Light Adventure. Please learn more about these adventures below to find the the one that is best suites to you.



This photo shoot is an artistic approach that connects people with nature and love.

The goal is to offer couplesfamilies and friends a unique private photo shoot to take place at sunrise around Lagos and at sunset around Sagres. This adventure is beach based with photos inside and outside of the water.



This shooting consists on an artistic photo shoot where we mix the water exploration and the hiking, trough water caves, beautiful cliffs and pristine clear waters. This shoot only feet 16+ years old, good physical condition and capacity to swim good



This shooting consists of an artistic photo shoot where we mix a walk exploration and swim, being easy physically and more focused in land than in water. Depending on the group we can push more or less the boundaries. This shoot is directed for people that want a more relaxed and easy going adventure.

If you are a photography lover this experience is a way to learn and share about photography, expand your skills, vision and meet my reality and thrive to do what I LOVE.